"Truth and beauty ARE forever, and always to be found. It’s only that the outward manifestations of them change.
I agree, however, that the artist’s mission is to capture as much of any given manifestation as he can… that one always fails to some extent because one is not God (too bad, but there it is). What you produce is perhaps a sort of monument to it… a reminder and an incentive to keep aware that will inspire others to make discoveries, too.
I can only say an artist can never know what a wonderful thing he may be doing… that some of our apparent failures are our greatest successes."

— Charlotte MacLeod, Friend & Mystery Author, 1922-2005

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All the images on this site are available in limited editions of 25.  Each is signed inverso, numbered, and titled.  

8" x 10" priced at $150.00, shipping and handling additional.

Most images were created with film.  The reproductions are stunning and vibrant black & white.

Contact me directly to place an order or if you have any questions.  


Images will fill a complete 8 x 10 format with a 1/4 boarder.  Other sizes are also available at different costs.  


Personal checks please... Paypal upon request.

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